Co-Constructing Assessment in Teaching and Learning

A Season for Depth, Reflection and Responsive Teaching


  • Terah Rebecca Moore The College of Idaho
  • Megan Osterhout
  • Hannah Clemens
  • Spencer Lambert



A currere approach was used by a teacher educator and her teacher candidates to reflect upon the process of co-constructing an assessment course during the pandemic. Meeting outdoors to address safety protocols, an unusually small cohort of students at a liberal arts college collaborated with their instructor to participate in meaningful conversation and activities leading to course improvement and course authenticity. This reflection details the processes and outcomes of this unique experience. It depicts change, rethinking instruction, explanation, and application of how this unusual term inspired course improvement. Given common backgrounds, the course material was tailored specifically to the group’s needs as elementary certification candidates with knowledge of visible learning. The ultimate goal of this course, within the teacher education program, was to prepare teachers to frame assessment as a crucial and natural component of their own teaching. This document offers background to the approach and the outcome, which can be used as a model for teacher educators to implement a co-constructed curriculum.

Author Biographies

Megan Osterhout

Meg received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education in May of 2020, and her Master of Arts in Teaching in May of 2021. Her teaching experience was with upper-elementary grade levels, and she has since been hired to teach 4th grade in a local school district.

Hannah Clemens

Hannah Clemens is from Caldwell, Idaho. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education in 2020, and a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2021, both from The College of Idaho. Hannah’s field experience has mainly taken place in K-3rd grade classrooms in local elementary schools, and has been hired by the local school district to teach 2nd grade through the 2021-2022 school year. 

Spencer Lambert

Spencer completed his field experience during this time in a kindergarten classroom. He defended his master’s research and he is now employed as the Director of Student Accessibility Services at a private liberal arts institution.