About the Journal

Peer Review Process:

Currere Exchange Journal was founded in January of 2017 as a peer-review publication. The journal is published by Volume each year with the goal of producing one issue per volume. The number and quality of manuscripts received the first two years, however, have made it possible for the journal editorial board to publish two issues for each of the first two volumes. From the beginning, the editors employed a peer-review process to make decisions about manuscript acceptance. The journal editorial board created three layers of peer-review. The first layer is editorial review by the editors. The second layer of peer review is by a student editorial team made up of doctoral students at Miami University who are familiar with the currere method, approach, and scholarship. The third layer of peer review is outside reviewers from various schools, colleges, and institutions. Every manuscript and author receives three written peer reviews which are shared by the editorial board with each author.  Publication decisions are made based on these reviews by the journal editorial board.  Most authors are encouraged to resubmit revised drafts of manuscripts not accepted on the first round. 

Open Access Publication - Copyright Release 


Currere Exchange is an Open Access publication, meaning the content is free for all to access and download. Authors select a Creative Commons license to attach to their copyrightable work. Readers should identify the license attached to each work in order to determine its reuse rights.

Authors can find a copy of our publication agreement here. Authors will complete a publication agreement form as part of the submission process.


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