Who's Cheating Whom? Academic Dishonesty as a Vehicle for Deep Learning


  • Michael Todd Edwards Miami University


dementia, academic dishonesty, assessment, writing to learn


The author (Edwards) explores a moment late in his senior year of high school and its lasting impact. When his English teacher, Miss Shupe leaves a copy of her final exam on the photocopier and Edwards finds it, unexpected learning challenges and opportunities result.  Initially only interested in getting the best possible grade on the final exam, the author ultimately engages in the most meaningful writing of his high school career while completing items from the exam at home.  The "take home" format allowed Edwards to explore ideas in a way that connected course content with issues of great personal concern---bullying, compliance, and conformity.  The author explores ways in which the experience, coupled with his complex relationship with Miss Shupe, contributed to his development as a teacher educator and shaped his beliefs about the role of teachers and students in the learning process.