Shame on Course Evaluations

Currere and Duoethnography

  • Sandra Jack-Malik Cape Breton Univeristy
  • Janet Lynne Kuhnke, Dr Cape Breton University
Keywords: Currere, duoethnography, course evaluations, shame, empathetic listening, dangerous conversations



Using Currere and duoethnography, we inquire into familial curriculum making experiences as temporal shaping influences on Sandra’s tenure track narrative, specifically, course evaluations. Purposefully engaging in dangerous conversations led us into tension filled moments. Because trust is the foundation of our friendship and our professional relationship, we were increasingly able to listen, hear and respond with empathy.  As a result, we tentatively began to retell and relive our stories in educative ways. Furthermore, thoughts and memories that were previously locked within our respective minds experienced the light of day, including the empathic response of the other. 

Author Biography

Janet Lynne Kuhnke, Dr, Cape Breton University

Associate professor Cape Breton University