Dear Math Letter to Self

Student Currere


  • Mary Anne Webb Withrow University High School


currere, reflections, experiences, mathematics, curriculum


This article highlights my effort to use currere as a reflective practice with a group of urban, middle school, 7th grade mathematics students. It is situated in the use of Pinar’s currere and Dewey’s conception of learning through experience as theories to promote a growth mindset, academic content knowledge, metacognition, self-awareness, and their social and emotional learning. In this paper, I share how I used currere to encourage students to reflect upon and compare their relationship with mathematics during their 6th grade and 7th grade school years as a result of my praxis.  This paper suggests that through the experiences we create in the classroom and currere’s reflective practice we can create a transformative space for students to give voice to and to act upon their lived experience.