More Action, Please

  • Cynthia D. Sanders


Pinar (1994) assures us that the currere method allows for the “viewing of what is conceptualized through time…so it is that we hope to explore the complex relation between the temporal and conceptual” (p. 19). This story is based on my past experiences as a novice teacher and my current experiences as a teacher educator. I am seeking the links between my younger self, the students I teach now, and our joint futures in the world of education. It is a work of ficto-currere. McDermott McNulty (2018) defines ficto-currere as text that is “fictionalized autobiography—an effort which engages the currere process” and creates a narrative that “blends and blurs the lines between what is true (or real) with that which is imaginatively constructed” (p. 2). Parts of this narrative really happened, parts of this narrative are still happening, and parts of narrative should never happen again.