On Wholeness and Devotion


  • Bruce Parker Independent Scholar
  • Ren Quillian Dawe Independent Scholar


The authors use the regressive step of currere to explore conceptions of wholeness and devotion. Dawe’s autobiographical narratives investigate the queer search for wholeness, its relationship to acts of separation, and their connection to understanding education as experience and experience as education. Through the lens of transness, these regressive vignettes attempt to analyze wholeness through experiences of amputation, separation, and isolation. Parker’s devotions are based on an understanding of devotion as an intense and deep commitment or love that is expressed through action and ongoing practices. These autobiographical devotions, taken separately and together, gesture toward a tentative understanding of what devotion in curriculum might look like by exploring facts, words, and imagination.

Author Biography

Ren Quillian Dawe, Independent Scholar

Ren Q. Dawe is a trans masculine creature that enjoys stand-up comedy, sappy poetry, and fresh produce. They play the piano badly, and their favorite drink is cinnamon moonshine. They work as a Faculty Relations Manager, ERG Chair, and Project Manager for 2U/edX, the world's largest tech ed company. They received their BS in Psychology and a double MS in Business Administration and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. On the side, they are a yoga teacher, white water raft guide, stand up comedian, poet, and pro home cook.